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SHOW UP !  and bring another motorcycle riding cop or friend with you.
If you want to gather or ride more, help organize. 
SATURDAY Jan.12th @ Oregon Inn, Bayshore Rd. in Oregon, OH for Holiday Dinner.  7:00pm
 Dec.Route 64 had 17 members and 3 guests present.  

 Bill C. asked to advise all that BK dues are due by 12/31 preferred paid next meeting. 

Officers for 2019
President Clint White 2 years
VP Greg Pollauf 1 more year
Sec. Tim Pluciniak 2 years
Treas. Bob D. 1 more year
Directors Jose Ybarra, Jim King 2 years
                Mark Fry, Gale Veres 1 more year

Treas. Bob advised of dues mix up.  Let him know when and if you paid dues.
Club approved $200 total to 4 charities plus $100 to Sunshine Childrens home

thanks to Kevin for buying breakfast.​

​Feb. Meeting in advance
​SATURDAY Feb.9th @ Route 64 Pub and Grub, 10335 Waterville Street
Whitehouse, OH 43571
10:00 am for Breakfast meeting

Members "Under the Weather" List:  
If you find time give these members a call or visit or send them a card to boost them up.
Don Johnson

    Check the members only page to make sure the info there is correct.  If not, email me with changes.  Also let me know of any members not feeling so good.

The new Mr. Emblem form with shirt and price info is available as a pdf. file link on the members only page.  Just go there and click on the link in the upper right corner.  You can then print the form.  We need a minimum of 12 items to place an order.